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You can upload images of the following types: *.jpg *.jmp *.png *.bmp *.jpeg.
You can also upload music visualizations ( or just a still graphic compositions) *.cmn ,
prepared for the Internet (using MPShow's main menu item Visualizations\Prepare for Internet).
The images should not be greater than 90 KB, and CMN files - 300 KB.
Please, read Author Agreement before submitting.
Preferences? Ok.
Images or music visualizations that you like to watch most of all are very welcome. But you will certainly keep them for yourself.
So, photos of nature around you like clouds, leaves, stones, ocean, river, trees, snow, mountains, sunsets are great graphics to upload.
You can find something else that plays under music. You are very welcome!
Images, photos, graphic compositions that are not for music visualizations but you think are good enough to be a skin are accepted.
Graphics derived from that you downloaded from this Web site is very appreciated.
Any other music visualizations, images, photos (original or modified with MPShow software or other software), still graphic compositions are accepted, no doubt. Even if MPShow software does not have an appropriate feature to turn it into a great looking music visualization, yet.
There are some 'No's. Your graphics should serve visitors entertainment. It means that it may not depict your Web site name only as well as it may not be just another banner. In similar cases it may not be accepted. You can read about other standart 'no's in the
Author Agreement.
You can upload a hype of any kind that complies with Author Agreement along with your graphics.
You can submit a link to your Web site or a page.
Please, no adult material, no someone's copyright infrigement and no violance or weapon. You can find other standart reasons not to accept your link in the Author Agreement.
You should agree that your link may not be placed if it violates these rules or for some other reason (usually, there are no other reasons).
Your link or email address will be placed beneath your image or a music visualization. You can upload any text for your link.
Fields with asterisk * are mandatory.
Caption of your graphics:
This caption will appear beneath your graphics.
First Name:
Last Name:
You will be notified on acceptance or not.
The hype will appear on the left or on the right of your graphics.
Up to 7 lines.
If you want for your name to appear near by your graphics you should reserve line 1 and 2 for your name or enter to format it here as you want.
You can enter a bit more symbols. In this case or if you want to look at what your hype would look like on a page you can try it in the HTML TABLE TD element with WIDTH 130 and a font Arial size 2. (7 lines).
Feel free to use any HTML font or format tags.
Line wrap may occur after any symbol if you do not insert <BR>.

URL to your Web page or your email address:
Text for the URL to your Web page:
The Text will appear beneath the caption of your graphics. Up to 30 symbols.
If this field is blank the URL or email address from the previous field will be used as a text.
I agree to receive monthly email newsletter on new images, music visualizations,
MPShow software's versions and updates, piece of tutorials and advice, and creation clues.
It may contain offers from my sponsors as well.
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