To speak the truth
I do not remember how I changed colors of this image to get aqua background but first I extracted the red tulip
Here we are
To recreate
this image DownLoad MusicColor 2.1 and aqua tulip
(at the left bottom)
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Changing image colors
with TrackBars
To enhance the red I just clicked on the red trackbar several times.
Download this free tulip
Changing image colors
with RemapperPad
Every time you change any of the checkboxes (on the right) an image on the screen gets a new amazing modification
Changing image colors with Tossers
Usually when I search for a new content I use tosser '3 or 4' as it can flash 210 fabulous modifications of the same image.
The image above had appeared when I reached combination 189 with this tosser's button 'backward'.