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MusicColor version 2.5
freeware program
Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT
DirectX, 20MB free disk space
MusicColor 2.5 is a FREEWARE
without time and other limitations
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For users of MPShow Studio 2.5 :
Your file is the same FREE file with the same features just with another name.
Both will be developed and supported.
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DownLoad MusicColor 2.5 (Dec 20 23.00 PT)
Size 1881 kb ( 5 min at 56 kb)
New in MusicColor 2.5
You can play back animated, ever shifting, with changing density, image-based
JMP music visualizations that may contain tips on the music that is good enough to watch the vis nearby your favorite music player or using a built-in one.
You can experience the music's stereo effect visually while an image changes its colors from its Low End colorful modification through to its another fabulous High End modification.
You can create (with easy visual editing, with no programming)
image-based JMP music visualizations (MusicColor's propriatory file type).